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Tunnel type

  • Gantry type
  • Gantry type
  • Gantry type

SPA Cleaner

PHUNGJIN railway car wash systems have been successfully used in a variety of different applications and climates from frigid winters area to the warm humidity area.

Gantry type – a washer moving back and forward and start wash.
Tunnel type – a car pulling with a roller conveyor and start wash

  • Foam unit

    Foam unit

    Plenty of foam wash force

  • Wheel drive

    Wheel drive

    Direct type driving No chain drive type chain maintenance

  • TOP nozzle safety device

    TOP nozzle safety device

    Blow dry the vehicle safety car accessory

  • Wheel drive

    Wheel drive

    Operating simple, convenient Simple rule out abnormal Highlights abnormal position Best operating system intelligent era

  • TOP nozzle

    TOP nozzle

    Full length, with the moving image automatic vehicle, to realize safe and perfect dry effect

  • High precision photoelectric sensors

    High precision photoelectric sensors

    Blow drying system of three-dimensional induction vehicle shape, to ensure safety

  • side brush open and close with roller

    side brush open and close with roller

    Increase the durability Maintenance frequency zero

  • Three type high strength and high pressure cleaning device

    Three type high strength and high pressure cleaning device

    Before washing the car completely remove dust the surface of the vehicle before processing equipment to improve customer satisfaction

  • Corrosion protection framework

    Corrosion protection framework

    Framework USES hot dip galvanizing technology, more than 10 years anti-corrosion, to customers comfortable car wash environment, increase satisfaction factor

  • Positioning system

    Positioning system

    Four high precision sensors to achieve safety car wash, completely out of winter freezing phenomenon

  • Side brush

    Side brush

    Direct type driving Motor drive way According to the accessory and shape of car body swing, realize the safety car

  • Tunnel type

Standard Spec

System component Body Frame and Control Unit
Brush Top brush 1unit, Side brush 2unit, Rocker brush 2unit
(Roll Type Cloth brush, foam brush, PE brush)
Dryer Top Nozzle 1unit, Side Nozzle 2unit
Other Rail and Wheel Stopper, Car guide, Auxiliary tank, Stand bar, Drive signal etc, Pump Unit, Distributor, Compressor
Washer size 2,800mm(H)x3,600mm(W)x2,865mm(L)
Rail length 3,200mm(W)x9,500mm(L)
Available car 2,250mm(H)x2,350mm(W)x5,200mm(L)
Car wash effectively space 3,000mm(H)x4,000mm(W)x10,000mm(L)
Operation mode LCD display, Touch screen
Car wash steps Basic 6 steps
Car wash speed Inverter multistage speed control type
Capability 1.5 back and forth, about 2min/unit
Power consumption summer Summer : 15.1kw,   Winter : 19.7kw
Water consumption 45ℓ ( High 90ℓ )
Main function Hardy paper (winter prevent freezing) Accessory and special vehicle
Automatic homing feature system Collect car situation
High pressure system Self diagnostic function
Beam sensor triple safety device SUV car and all the car first wash

* The company’s products parameters and color if there is any change, without prior notice.